Life on the Street

I see them everywhere I go, sitting under a bridge, sleeping on a bench and walking around the city. They are weather burned, unkempt and in need of a bath and hair cut. They are the people who live on the streets of my city and they have become a part of my everyday life. My reaction ranges from wanting to help to feeling there is little I can do. How easy it has become to look the other way.

It’s common to find them at a street light with a sign to encourage you to feel something for their situation. Those moments when my heart grieves for them, my thoughts are, “Is it wise to give them my change? Will it go for drugs and alcohol? Am I only supporting their habit?” As I sit inside the comfort of my car wondering what to do I realize there is something even better I can give than money; I can give the gift or payer. Here are a few ideas you can pray:

·They will have opportunities to hear about Jesus.
·They will not harden their heart to the love of Christ.
·A desire to change and be set free.
·Protection from the ungodly influences of street life.
·Food, shelter, and other bodily provisions.
·The enemy will not keep them in a state of confusion.
·Deliverance from drugs and alcohol.
·Healing of their emotions.
Even though you may not have spoken or given money, you have touched their life by offering a simple prayer and followed what we are encouraged to do in I Timothy 2:1, “First of all, then I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men.” May the Lord give you a greater heart of prayer for those who live on the street.
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