A Job Friend

“A friend loves at all times” (Proverbs 17:7)
Job was a man who went through one of the more difficult situations compared to many people of the Bible.He lost all of his children, his belongings and even his health.When Job’s three friends heard what happened to him they began to mourn with him and even sat with him for seven days and seven nights.What a comfort it must have been for him to have friends during his time of pain.Job said, “For the despairing man there should be kindness from his friend” (Job 6:14).
How interesting that Job had three friends.The number three is symbolic of strength, “A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).The friends that came around Job should have formed a circle of strength to help him in his time of suffering.The friends’ actions seemed honorable but their words were not.They believed Job’s suffering was his own fault and accused him of being an ungodly man.There were no words of comfort, only harsh assumptions adding more pain to a hurting heart.
Have you ever felt that way about your friends when they are going through tough times?“There must be something wrong with their lives or why can’t they get their life together or why do they keep making the same mistakes?”The Bible says, “Men at ease have contempt for misfortune” (Job 12:5 NIV). When life is going well for us it is easy to become unsympathetic toward people who seem to struggle on a regular basis.
Do you tell your friends you understand but really think critical or judgmental thoughts about their situation?Be careful not to be a “Job” friend and instead give your friends words of encouragement and reminders of Gods love for them even if you do not understand their situation.Then you will accomplish Gods command in Galatians 6:2, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Pray you will be the kind of friend who loves at all times.
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